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Consulting Services

We work with the management teams of the companies that we have invested in on strategic planning, people development, financial control and compliance, product innovation, global sourcing and acquisition search. These services are also available on a select basis.

Financial Control and Compliance (FCC)

Many companies cannot justify the traditional internal audit function. And accounting firms don't assist their clients in improving their operations as they have materiality standards and are balance sheet focused.

This leaves one of the most critical parts of the company unmanaged. Under these circumstances, the company will not realize an optimized cash return on its activities and just as seriously, will not be in compliance with federal and state requirements.

Designed to meet the needs of the medium sized companies, Howard Industries' FCC consultants focus on the company's financial policies and procedures. We ensure that they are reasonably determined, properly documented, and most importantly, complied with. From cash collection and the return on capital expenditures, to expense reports, we review every function within the financial operations.

The deliverable from an FCC consulting assignment assures the owners of integrity throughout the function weeding out both fraud and inefficiency. The process also plugs leaks where cash is not being handled properly. This tightening of the system can pay for the cost of the whole engagement several times over.

Our director of FCC consulting has more than 40 years of financial control and compliance experience working in confidential environments.

If you have an interest and would like to know more about what we can do for your company, please call us.

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